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Valentine’s Day

So,Valentine’s Day it is and also the couples are busy exchanging expensive gifts and advertising their love everywhere. Is it the real love that Shakespeare taught us or Saint Valentine where break ups take place in fraction of seconds and promises are being broken every now and then. No, it can’t be Love. Real love resides in heart, it doesn’t need any show off or proof. It is in the understanding we have for the other person, it is in the care that we do and it is in the sacrifice we make. It is simply valueless, it cannot be bought by money. Real love is Truth. Real love is God.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Crafty Humans…

Standing amidst in the world of
Wild thought and mental might,
People all time trying to pounce on other,
And push them out of the fight,
Fight of pride and fight of tempt,
Survival of the strongest,
A war of the masked men,
No place for the truest,
Crafty people winning the games of life,
Original ones losing the race,
Unable to keep up with the pace,
Pace of this corruptions and lies,
Which has webbed all around,
And all busy making their lives happy in their own sound,
Its a competition of the evil crowd,
No place for the good one,
If want a place in this world,
You also have to be a impersonater……


Parents: Epitome of God

‘Parents’, a seven letter word which can indwell the whole universe within it. They are the replica of God on earth. Its they who bring us to this world and teaches us to enjoy each and every moment of this wonderful life. They teach us to walk when we were not able to stand on our on feet, they were there when we were not able to take care of ourselves. They help us to differentiate between the good and the evil. Whatever be the situation, they always stand beside us and never leave us alone. Their love is just unconditional and unmatched . No love can take the place of theirs. Till they are alive, no difficulty can even touch you. They act like a sheild to our problem. Often, we forget to value them, but once lost only, we realise their importance in our life. So, why so late, lets accept it now only , Yes, they are Epitome of God on Earth and value their worth.


Valentine’s Day in its Real meaning

Valentine’s day, the much hyped day of the year which is considered the day of ‘Couples’ is not actually so. Infact, its the ‘Feast Day’ of Roman Saint Valentine. A ‘Feast Day’ is the day on which a person adopts priesthood. Saint Valentine throughout his life spread the message of love and harmony among people. For him Love was not confined to a handful of people but Love meant loving all irrspective of their caste, colour, social status and anything. Anyone can one can be ‘Valentine’. Whosoever one loves is his/hers valentine. Be it your father, mother, sister or brother or any of your friends……… So Happy Valentine’s Day To All………