Humourous, Poetry



Dusting the books,
Opening the contents page,
Seeing the topics,
Calling the friends,
Asking the syllabus,
Because it’s Exam time.
Waking up in the morning,
Studying till late night,
Stopped watching TV,
Deactivating all the social networking sites,
Trying to be a bit sincere,
Because it’s Exam time.
Trying to solve the numericals,
Crapping the theories,
Group studies and midnight coffee,
Panic everywhere
Because it’s exam time.

Humourous, Poetry

Lofty Mind

Here goes my mind, there goes my mind,
I don’t know, where goes my mind……
Sometimes it goes to the sky,
And flies in the space,
Sometimes it reaches the cricket ground,
And starts to play,
Sometimes it starts buzzing a bollywood song,
And takes my study mood at its bay,
Sometimes it urges me to check notifications
Of my social netwoking sites,
Sometimes it starts making post exam plans,
And sometimes it makes me think of return journey to home,
Can anyone give me a way,
So that my mind stay at one point
And never again fly away………