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Valentine’s Day

So,Valentine’s Day it is and also the couples are busy exchanging expensive gifts and advertising their love everywhere. Is it the real love that Shakespeare taught us or Saint Valentine where break ups take place in fraction of seconds and promises are being broken every now and then. No, it can’t be Love. Real love resides in heart, it doesn’t need any show off or proof. It is in the understanding we have for the other person, it is in the care that we do and it is in the sacrifice we make. It is simply valueless, it cannot be bought by money. Real love is Truth. Real love is God.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Article, love, Romantic

Love Revisited


LOVE’ A small but very commonly used word in today’s era. But unfortunately, very few know the true essence of it. From great poets to authors, all have defined ‘Love’ in their own way. I am not here again to define it but I am here just to share my thoughts on it because for me ‘Love’ is undefined.

According to me, ‘Love’ is the most important thing after food and air, which is must for survival. Every living organism needs ‘Love’. It gives value to our life. Not only humans, but even the smallest animal has tendency to get attracted towards ‘Love’. The most we take birth our relation of ‘Love’ starts towards our parents. All love their parents. Do you teach the new born child, ‘Whom to love or How to love ? Or neither he knows the definition of ‘Love’ but still he loves. To love, knowing the definition of Love is not necessary. Now, ‘Love’ too has different forms, ‘Love’ for God, ‘Love’ for Parents, ‘Love’ for A Third Person(Lover), ‘Love’ for our relatives etc.
‘Love’ for God is called Eternal Love because it stays and should stay forever and in no condition we should stop Loving Him.
‘Love’ for Parents is the purest one and ‘Love’ of Parents for us is the Unconditional Love.
So, all the time we are in Love with some or the other.
These two types of Love are easy to understand. But the main problem arises, in the third type of Love. We often gets puzzled in this type of Love and land ourselves in different problems. Since we are normal human beings hence tied by the chains of Maya (Rules of Material world), there is a very chance of falling in ‘Love’ with a third person. But, the thing is ‘How to realise it ? Wheather, it was Love or not ?’ Well, there is no particular rule to find out. Some people fall in ‘Love’ multiple times and some only Once in a lifetime. Well, personally what I think is ‘Love’ happens only once and stays with us forever for the full lifetime. And ‘Love’ does not happen by choice but it is a sponteneous process and happens suddenly. Many a times, we don’t even realise when we have already fallen in ‘Love’.

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