A lonely girl standing at the bus stop,
Wearing a black jeans and white top,
Looking at the mobile screen again and again,
May be waiting for someone,
A group of boys gazing at her,
Like they have never seen a girl so far,
Some whispers, some giggles,
Some comments, some assumptions,
They saw the girl becoming uncomfortable,
Still they continued, only the girl’s sin was,
She was all alone.

A five year old girl going to a nearby school,
Dressed in a white shirt and blue skirt,
With a tie around and hair tied with red ribbon,
Few disguished demons following her,
And she is just unaware of it,
Don’t know who’re those,
Who can’t even see her innocence smile,
And just envisions her with eye of lust,
And still we say lenght of dress,
Is the cause of female molestation.
Only the girl’s sin was,
She used to go school all alone.

A girl for the first time went a friend,
Went out for a movie night,
While returning when no cabs agreed,
To take back home,
She had to repent in fright,
Murmers to God, kindly take me to home tonight,
Next time onwards, I will return in sunlight.
Girls at late night,
People eyes with glaring eyes,
Like some sins they have commited,
By spending one night outside.
Her only sin was,
That day she decided to go all alone.



I wrote this poem as a protest to rising crime against women……



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