Your memories, Your words still haunt me,
They don’t let me sleep at night,
For losing you my mind still taunt me,
I am still in love with you,
You reside in my heart,
Without you my days seems incomplete,
What’s the reason of giving yourself so much pain and me too,
Why you are still angry with me ,
Why you are not returning to me again ?
I am still waiting for you to return someday,
Tell me my mistake, I will surely rectify it for you,
Because, you are the reason, I’m alive,
You are the reason, I breathe……
If you don’t intend to return still……
Please return me my good times,
The older version of me……
I myself has lost myself in searching you,
I am unable to get back to older me,
Please don’t go so far from me,
I love you, why don’t you understand,
Your smile fill the fragnance in my heart,
Which inpires me to live,
You are the energy and enthusiasm of my life,
Please don’t snatch this from me,
Please don’t take the only reason of being my alive,
I beg to you again, please return,
I won’t repeat my mistake again.…


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