The last cry, the last try
He tried to stop her at any cost,
But in finding her he himself lost,
Drenched in her thoughts, he still stands still,
She left his life making it a live thrill,
Some questions unanswered, somethings unsaid,
She left creating a hollow mystery,
And his love became just a part of his life’s history.

The last cry, the last cry,
He sobbed there standing till his tears didn’t dry,
Leaving me in a state of absolute irrepressible rage,
Sending my mind to an inevadible world,
Never she turned back to look my excruting soul,
Intoxicating my life for her own narsissistic life,
Squashing all emotions in moments,
Leaving behind a cavernous soul to live,
Converting his emotions to a blot on the journey of life,
She departed like a alien soul.


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