At the midnight of 13 June, around 2:36 AM, if I am writing this post its only because I am missing your friendly support badly. Its not that I am writing this because I do not have other friends but they are not your type. Its also not that I am doing this because you are from opposite gender, as I have several friends from opposite sex too but none can replace. Its not as you thought that I have lust feeling for you or any other kind of desire of you. It has been just 5 days you have stopped talking to me and I have realised that I never had love kind of feeling for you. Because if I had that kind of feeling, I would have realised it. But what I realised is that it was your friendly and frank behaviour which I just mistook for ‘Love’. I myself don’t know what had happened to me that day or I was in which mood that I uttered those nonsense things. I was completely out of mind that day. Really you just forget everything like I never said you anything . But, I would be grateful to you because, hadn’t you done this me I had never realised that actually I never knew the meaning of ‘Love’. I was never in Love or crush with you. I just liked you for your sweet nature . And in your absence which I am missing the most is your that frank nature which very few persons possess. For me, Love is still a 4-letter word commonly used in movies every other minute for just time pass. I have nothing much to say, but I surely don’t want to lose such a person who revived my ‘Writing career’ and helped me realise my true passion, without whom I would have never  identified.

At last, I would request, Can we start again afresh forgetting all odds that took place between us . Can you give your this friend a second chance ?? You have made me years mature in just a few days. Wouldn’t you not like to test this new person ?


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