O yes, I am an Indian Girl…
68 Years of Independence has passed
Still we are not free, but who cares.
Trapped in random cage of social fear,
Built by hypocratic minds and blabby mouths.
We live on the land where goddesses are worshipped,
At every house, but we are considered,
Sensitive, weak, fragile and delicate.
The length of our cloth measures our character,
And the ability to bury our desires,
Shows our responsibility towards the society.

O yes, I am an Indian Girl…
Given the status of goddess in every home,
Still just considered a doll to look upon.
Considered epitome of beauty and pride,
So, we aren’t allowed to go out at night,
On the name of the evil sight and fright.
But then some people consider an inanimate,
Object and play with us.

O yes, I am an Indian Girl…
Having a male friend is considered a irremissible sin,
But spending whole life with a complete stranger.
Is considered our utmost duty,
Let the strangers treat us as they wish,
Let them torture me, hurt me, burn me and even kill men.
But I am supposed to keep my lips sealed,
And tolerate their every deed.
Because this is what the society expect from us,
Since our parents has handed us to them.
How hypocratic is our society ??


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